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How does your work treating Low T at Sheffrin Men’s Health differ from your other professional experiences?
Some patients are brought to Sheffrin Men’s Health by their partners, and some patients admit they’re very discrete about their therapy. Can you speak about this?
Explain how specializing in treating Low T provides you a unique insight and rich understanding of the patient condition?
Categorically, men are apprehensive about seeking treatment for Low T. What are your thoughts about this?
I hear news stories about testosterone therapy that make me uneasy. Tell me why I can feel confident about treatment at Sheffrin Men’s Health?
Testosterone Therapy & Cardiovascular Risk
Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an Associate Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School, along with his coauthors, explore and clarify the value of testosterone therapy in men, and in particular the issue of cardiovascular risk.
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